8 Positive Thinking Techniques That Will Transform Your Mindset

You might have heard that positive thinking techniques could have profound effects on your life. A multitude of individuals have shared their encounters with the mysteries of healing and enlightenment, endeavouring to spread their message worldwide.

Their teachings often converge on a set of common techniques. Unfolding from mishaps and near-death experiences, many spiritual leaders have embarked on illuminating journeys of self-realisation.

What if we could emulate their methods to change our mindsets and unlock profound healing capacities within our bodies and create our desired futures?


It is within our capacity to train our minds towards cultivating positive habits and attitudes, though this transformation is not instantaneous but rather a journey of enduring and life-altering effects. Despite the apparent simplicity of positivity people find it difficult to attain it. We will discover the right steps to take to maximise the advantages of optimism.

Have you ever wondered how your thoughts can impact your surroundings and circumstances? Many esteemed experts, coaches, and physicians advocate that our external world is a reflection of our inner one. Let’s dive into the popularity of this belief and the perceived rewards of optimism. In the realm of high vibrational energy lies the potential to not only enhance life but also usher in prosperity and healing benefits beyond measure.

1. Becoming Aware

Many of us run on autopilot for most of our lives and live without true awareness. Unfortunately, it’s common to be conditioned to believe in false ideas from childhood which aren’t always beneficial to our lives. An example of a limiting belief is “Money is the root of all evil.” Although we know how necessary it is to our well-being and happiness, a lot of cultures have deep-seated beliefs about the uncleanliness of it, causing lack of money and hardships. We need to be able to identify what it is that limits us first before we can change it. Ask yourself what limiting beliefs you might be carrying that could be ingrained deeply into your subconscious, so that you’re able to apply the recommended positive thinking techniques and create the best result for your future.

2. Ask yourself the right questions

Initiating a journey of introspection involves asking illuminating questions that pave the way for setting transformative goals. By delving into our thought patterns and unearthing recurring negative cycles, we can chart a course towards personal evolution and growth
Here are some questions you could ask yourself to get started on your transformation:

What positive outcomes am I looking for?
Why am I repeating the same negative patterns?
Does feeling negative feel familiar and comfortable?
What goals do I have for my future self?
Are my goals important to me?
Do I have limiting beliefs about myself that aren’t useful?
Are my limiting beliefs delaying me from taking steps towards certain opportunities?
Are my goals more important than what I’m feeling right now?

3.Choose Happiness

After becoming aware of your thoughts, you must take a moment to decide what path you want to lead. This decision marks thirty percent of the battle won and propels us towards a life path aligned with contentment and purpose. Making a deliberate choice to exude positivity daily is an essential step.
All of us have our own inner conflicts, which make it difficult to stay focused solely on being positive. However, once you’ve understood your thoughts and goals it should be simpler to choose a life path that requires less struggle and brings you towards your desired journey.


4. Appreciation

While gratitude may not always come easily, it serves as a potent catalyst in our awakening. Those who have come face to face with death, often describe a sudden epiphany and feeling of appreciation for a new chance at life. Somewhere along the way, we forget that our existence here is supposed to be magical. We were given a chance to live a magnificent experience, with all its intricacies. As children we know that we come into the world purely for the sake of joy and love. However, at some point throughout our daunting daily lives, we seem to forget. We can always take the right steps to rediscover our inner core, and childlike purity.

Since we endure much disappointment throughout our lives, we forget to appreciate all that we have. We tend to believe that life becomes hard as adults, however we must acknowledge that time is precious and that we simply do not have an infinite amount of it. What kind of life do you truly want to live in the brief time you have on earth?

It takes much determination and consistency to feel exuberant gratitude, however, if you master it, you could essentially become very powerful in dictating your thoughts.

5. Meditate

Despite its unfamiliarity to many, meditation offers a simple yet profound tool for daily practice. By initiating a starter meditation practice, we can embrace moments of stillness and explore our thoughts and emotions with openness and acceptance.

Here is a guide to starter meditation:

Step 1

Take a seat in a quiet place and tell yourself that you must remain seated for a specific amount of time. Begin with 20 minutes or so and set an alarm. (Do not get up until the time has run out)

Step 2

Try NOT to push away the thoughts that come into your mind. The more you push them away, the longer they will remain there.

Step 3

Try to listen to your thoughts, and the specific emotions that are attached with those

Step 4

Try to feel and love your thoughts no matter how difficult, or fearful it may feel.

Loving our negative thoughts seems counterintuitive, however, to truly love ourselves, we must accept all that we are, ranging from our emotions to our past. Feeling gratitude for our journey and struggles brings us to a peaceful state of mind. Learning meditation is initially one of the most valuable positive thinking techniques that allows you to flourish beyond recognition.


6. Journal/Create a Vision Board

Journaling serves as an invaluable tool for shaping goals and uncovering desires. Although it could be perceived as a daunting task, the benefits are greater than one might think. When you set clear goals and envision what you desire very clearly, the possibilities of manifestation increase significantly, which makes writing one of the most powerful positive thinking techniques. Creating a vision board, meanwhile, offers a visual reminder of our aspirations, cultivates focus and intentionality on our transformative journey. Viewing your vision board daily can help your subconscious to acknowledge your aspirations and working towards them on a deeper level.


7. Uphold the 21-Day Rule

Experts attest to the transformative power of habits, stressing that dedication to positive thinking over a span of twenty-one days can yield lasting effects and propel us towards our desired outcomes.
Twenty one days is all it takes to completely transform your mindset and reap instant rewards. Making a dedicated promise to uphold all the strategies will keep you on a course to success.

8.Create Healthy Habits

Incorporating practices such as avoiding early-morning phone usage, consuming nutritious meals, engaging in physical activity, and seeking guidance from spiritual mentors contributes to nurturing a positive mindset and overall well-being.


Embark on this journey of positive thinking with commitment and witness the evolution of your mindset unfold, paving the way for a future brimming with resilience, joy, and fulfilment. Embrace the transformative power of positivity and behold as your life aligns with your deepest intentions and aspirations.

Watch miracles unfold

Upon enforcing all the rules, be papered for positive changes and embrace all the unknown that is about to cultivate in your life. By embracing mindfulness and awareness, you will have increased knowledge about yourself, which will make it easier to set goals and actualise your dreams.

Making a conscious choice to prioritise positivity each day, practicing gratitude, meditating, journaling, and incorporating some positive thinking techniques into our routine are important steps towards manifesting our desired outcomes. Following the 21-day rule and committing to consistent growth pave the way for lasting change.

Embrace the power of positivity and watch as your life transforms into a reflection of your deepest intentions and aspirations.