Beginner Yoga Routines for Stress Relief

Beginner yoga routines for stress relief.

Yoga instructor outdoor. Beginner yoga routines for stress relief
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Stress, sadly, has become our 2nd identity these days. And before we try to find a solution to this matter. We typically face some symptoms until it is too late.

Am I right?

But no worries! Is never late to make amends.

Today, I have prepared an easy-to-follow guide to practice yoga to truly navigate this issue.

The best part? Is 100% beginner friendly!!

Don’t think, by any chance, that you have to be an acrobat or a super flexible person to accomplish full relaxation through yoga. Rather see it as a special opportunity to find balance in your life.

Both our immune system and mental health should be our top priority!

“When you listen to yourself, everything comes naturally. It comes from inside, like a kind of will to do something. Try to be sensitive. That is yoga.”

Petri Räisänen

Easy yoga routines for stress relief

Poses where you are standing up: Are extremely beginner friendly and would help you to set the waters to start the relaxing training.

Stading up yoga. Yoga for anxiety.
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I follow Madfit’s Free YouTube videos. She covers a wide range of routines to stay fit, make self-care yoga routines at home, and reach a pleasurable state of calmness.

Poses to create balance with our bodies: Now we aren’t talking about warming ups. This is already to be all-in. Which means with these poses we will implicate our core muscles and increase strength.

Beginner yoga routines for stress relief
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The best part is that it doesn’t require an advanced skill, and will actually make you be better at it in a short time-frame.

But let’s not forget that our most top priority, at least what we try to cover and highlight in this specific article. Is to practice yoga poses that help us find deep relaxation and experience mindfulness.

Spinal longevity & beginner friendly poses: And we will do it through backbends’ relaxing routines.

Backend relaxing yoga pose. Beginner yoga routines for stress relief.
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Maybe it would feel weird or forced at the beginning. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes. And I can reassure you it’s absolutely stress-relieving!

‘Lazy” Pose: This is a made up name I just created to show you is possible to feel calmed through yoga. Because there’s nothing lazy about finding relaxation and reaching our center.

Seated yoga pose. Beginner yoga routines for stress relief.
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I’m talking about seated poses. Are easy to do!

Simply include a brick to support you so is smoother to practice the pose.

Resting poses: This one is considered essential to find what makes you relax and how you get to that point!

Resting poses for yoga beginners.
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And there’s something overwhelmingly interesting about yoga.

Even though you are ”copying” poses.

It is true, that you get to those points by your own unique way of approaching the training. And one core part of getting to know yourself in a deeper level. Is that you will understand how full relaxation looks like for you in particular.

I hope you enjoy it and try it!

Yoga is indeed, for relaxation.

There’s an awesome source to visit if you would like to dig deeper in yoga for beginners matters.

How do I start learning yoga by myself?

One common question we face while starting our yoga journey. Is the ”where do I start?” part.

Start with baby steps. You have no idea how far it will take you approaching yoga like this!

And it could mean something entirely different for you, than it looks like for someone else.

It could be your yoga schedule that you are trying to follow, or keeping those yoga poses fresh.

Increase commitment over time. Start at your own pace. If there’s something out there that will not require competition, deadlines, compromises, and deep stress triggers is your yoga practices for relief!

So enjoy that at your own unique way.

Follow yoga routines on YouTube. I started like this, and helped me do it daily.

Because it was easy to follow, and I could do it in my pj’s. I recommend Malova! She’s so sweeeeeettttt.

Find your center. Explore how would you like to connect with yourself in a deep silence.

Do it for self-care. Find that purpose and what truly means for you personally.

How often should I do yoga as a beginner?

This one’s very personal. Because it would deeply depend on your own individual needs and possibilities.

Is recommended to practice yoga between 2 or 3 times a week.

But if you are super obsessive and enthusiastic about your process. Then, I would encourage and treasure that excitement of yours in your yoga process and increase sessions to 5 a week if you want!

Just be extremely careful, observative, and deeply hear your body’s needs to avoid harming yourself.

Is yoga hard at first?

To be completely honest with you. Yes, it could be confusing even.

But this happens with everything new we start with, right?

Enjoy the process and lose pressure!

Centering in the good sensation and focusing in relaxation truly offers the right path to finding the restorative benefits of yoga.

Practice mindfulness during the class. This way, you will be focused in the essence of yoga, and not in something else.

Don’t try to be perfect.

Guided meditation recommendations for stress relief

As we have mentioned practically through the entire article. And we have seen many times, that there’s a magical and stress relieving combination occurring between yoga and mindfulness.

Let’s share some breathing exercises for stress relief and wonderful meditation recommendations to cope with anxiety. That we have curated for you today:

Websites for guided meditation:

Some amazing YouTube channels to visit:


It would be nice to try to practice breathing exercises at least 20mins a day!

Why practicing yoga for stress relief?

Aside from our obvious reason of finding full relaxation.

Is recommendable to stop for a minute and really study or analyze some of the most essential reasons why would we really want to start practicing yoga.

Beginner yoga routines for stress relief are an intelligent move to do when it comes to this.

As we said, it doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you are not injuring yourself.

But I also consider finding a deep meaning to this practice could be one of the most important parts of the process.

Is a beautiful journey of self-discovery that brings a wide range of experiences, emotions, and health improvements!

Giving a closure to our beginner yoga routines for stress relief-with a conclusion

We have already discussed really interesting facts about stress, yoga, and routines through this blog.

How about taking a look at some people’s and institutions discovering’s in their unique journeys with yoga?

Then, well! In my opinion the best fact to remember is that yoga brings our mind and body together. I love it!


Before I forget!

In this article, there’s also space for exploration in other areas.

Not feeling like coping with anxiety alongside yoga?

That’s absolutely fine too!

How about checking our lifestyle choice’s article, where we navigate possibilities and several ways of self-awareness?

Enjoy! Thanks for reading!