10 Short Summer Nails You Need To Get This Season

Summer is on its way with good vibes and outdoor engagements, making practicality a top priority. Long nails, although stunning, often prove troublesome amidst the flurry of seasonal activities.

Shorter nails, however, offer a practical advantage, enabling seamless engagement in these summer activities. Whether you’re diving into sports or simply favoring a fuss-free approach, opting for shorter nail styles is a smart choice.

As the days lengthen and excitement fills the air, it’s time to get that summer spirit into every aspect of our style, starting with our nails! Summer invites experimentation and trend exploration, making our manicures the perfect canvas for showcasing seasonal flair.

To inspire your next nail appointment or DIY session, we’ve gathered a collection of 10 short summer nail designs that seamlessly blend style with practicality. So, scroll ahead and you might find the one for you!

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Pastel Tips

pastel french tips

When looking for something minimal and simple, this is the one. Embrace the soft hues of summer with pastel tips. The pastels add a touch of colour to your natural nails while keeping it stylish and elegant.

Marble Nails

marble design nails

Marble design nails will always be one of my favourites. Swirls of your favourite colours that create a mesmerizing effect and texture, perfect for making a statement.

Iridescent Nails

Iridescent nails

These types of iridescent nails are very trendy right now because of how stunning they look. If you want nails that look glass-like and have a glossy finish, this is for you.

Tree Vine Nails

Green vines nails

Take a bit of nature with you everywhere you go this summer with this tree vine inspired nail design. If you are a nature lover, this can be the one for you. You can use different shades of green for the vines, depending on what you want.

Aura Nails

Aura nails

Aura nails are also trending right now as people are tapping more into spirituality. Whatever colours you feel matches your aura the most or just colours you like, you can never go wrong with aura nail designs.

Chrome Lining Nails

aura nails with chrome lining

Chrome colours are becoming quite popular. To combine two stunning trendy designs, you can get the aura design as a base and chrome silver lining around the nails. This is a go-to for an edgy, cool look this summer.

90° French Tip

90° french tip nails

Put a contemporary spin on a classic look with 90-degree French tip nails. Very minimalist and simple, instead of the classic french tip, on the nude base, a clean line by the corner gives a fresh and modern look. Perfect for summer!

Butterfly Wings Nails

butterfly design

Fluttering butterflies and delicate wings create a whimsical and playful look that’s perfect for summer. To add more flair to the design, gems or stones can be added.

Monochrome Nails

monochrome nails with contrasting tips

Keep it chic and simple with monochrome nails and contrasting tips. Whether it’s a bright colour or nude colours, this nail design is effortlessly stylish and perfect for summer.

Abstract Art Nails

abstract art nail design

Let your creativity run wild with abstract art nails. Bold colors and unexpected patterns come together to create a one-of-a-kind manicure. You can take inspiration from real abstract paintings or create your own design.