Top 12 Timeless Old Money Brands That Define Understated Luxury

Discover 12 Old Money Brands that whisper understatement.

The essence of Old Money Brands is represented by prestige and timeless appeal.

Brands we all know are achieving to maintain the understated luxury we all want to see.

However, new ones are adapting and following the same path!

Let’s dive into the world of new old money brands for you to embrace your unique, understated style.

To understand the old money style we will help you dig deep into intangible aspects such as values, traditions and tone of voice. Terms such as non-ostentation, understatement and silent luxury are main pillars that help us understand the brand without even seeing the product.

Owing to the widespread popularity of the old money aesthetic, navigating through various interpretations and representations of the term can be perplexing.

Explore these 12 brands that consistently embody sophistication and understatement within the highly saturated realm of hyper-luxury.

1. Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is your brand if you’re looking to replace a Versace suit with a suit that is recognisable for its materials and fits instead of its ostentatious logos and visuals.

As fans of the old money aesthetic we admire Cucinelli’s workmanship, classic styles, and focus on sustainable and ethical business practices. Subtle elegance, luxury and dedication to principles and fashion, that’s what Cucinelli is all about!

Morality is one of Cucinelli’s main brand values and insists in these being essential factors that play a role in decision-making processes and strategic plans.

So remember, wear Cucinelli, and you will achieve to represent deep values and principles associated with the old money aesthetic!

2. Loro Piana

If you don’t know @gstaaadguy yet, you’re missing out on something. He’s one of the industry’s most humorous connoiseurs at the moment. Gstaadguy represents old money through his culture, his family ski trip traditions and fashion preferences. Loro Piana is his all-time favourite brand differentiating himself through a non-pretentious style.

If you are looking for the most subtle designs that provide high quality materials, Loro Piana is just the brand for you. The exquisite wool, cashmere and other textiles employed, provide comfort and timeless pieces.

Craftsmanship, attention to detail, and classic designs represent understated luxury and these are Loro Piana’s main values when developing their designs.

If you explore Loro Piana’s carefully selected raw materials, you will immediately admire its famed textiles and remarkable luxury items crafted by Italian artisans.

Furthermore, digging into the values of Loro Piana, you will find that their commitment to excellence is their trademark. Italy artisans

You probably are already aware of our favourite product that is recognisable yet sophisticated are their iconic loafers.

Whether it is for professional events combined with a suit, or worn in a casual ambiance, these loafers won’t disappoint.

3. Loewe

When looking for old money style, not only is it important that you choose your brands carefully, you will also need to identify and filter the products created for us – old money aesthetic fans!

Loewe shuns ostentatious logos, favouring instead a discreet and refined approach to luxury. It’s a celebration of the discerning eye, where true connoisseurs recognise and appreciate the beauty in the details.

The brand was established in 1846 in Madrid and has a long history of craftsmanship and tradition.

Let’s dive into Loewe’s products that are constantly linked to refinement, excellence, and a degree of exclusivity. Here are our top favourite Loewe products associated with the old money aesthetic:

4. The Row

Discover the most minimalist luxury brand in this list! Curated by the Olsen twins, The Row is all about ready-to-wear clothing. After having spoken about numerous European, mostly Italian brands, we bring to you a New York understated label!

A reason as to why The Row is exclusive is the association we create around it. The ICONIC Olsen twins. Much like The Row’s brand values, the Olsens maintain a private and reserved public image. They prefer to let their work speak for itself, and their low-profile approach aligns with the discreet luxury associated with The Row.

They represent timeless elegance and simplicity through focussing on clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and a neutral color palette, creating pieces that transcend seasonal trends and appeal to those seeking enduring style.

5. Bottega Veneta

One of the most distinguishable women’s fashion patterns within the old money aesthetic is the braided Bottega craft, THE Jodie, epitomising refined elegance.

It is essential to understand, that brands take different directions according to new trends, however, we are the ones that need to choose how to wear each piece we purchase and how to combine it to achieve the old money look.

Below, 3 examples of how you can style the Jodie bag to achieve the old money aesthetic and understatement you are looking for.

6. Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela is renowned for its understated and minimalist branding strategy. The brand is subtly and instantly identifiable thanks to the distinctive white stitch design on its clothing, which is frequently found on the outside.

This unconventional placement challenges traditional branding norms and adds an element of understated uniqueness.

We could describe Margiela as the contemporary and more modern old money aesthetic due to its different shapes and unique designs they provide.

If you’re into the old money aesthetic but want to stand out a little bit more, Margiela is your go-to!

7. Brioni

Now to all men and those who want their men to look flawless and always elegant: Brioni is your go to!

Brioni combines elegance and tailoring excellence with casual wear achieving contemporary and understated looks.

Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini established the company in Rome in 1945 and achieved to lead Brioni into success through fine craftsmanship and style.

One of Brioni’s values include complete transparency during production processes in order for fans, like us, to understand the brand’s values and priorities in terms of quality and preciseness.

Believe it or not, these values determine whether a brand is old money or not, because all values matter when defining a brand’s positioning in luxury.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Brioni suit for yourself or your beloved, we highly recommend the services they provide, unbelievably tailored to your needs and wants.

Find here the “Bespoke Journey” of purchasing at Brioni!

8. Falconeri

Now we all have to admit that it might take some time to invest in high end luxury sweaters such as Loro Piana as prices can sky-rocket. Falconeri is a brand that provides a more affordable shopping experience while maintaining the quality you are looking for.

Using only the finest cashmere fibers, Falconeri specializes in producing exquisite knitwear, such as cardigans, scarves, sweaters, and other accessories. The brand is well-known for its commitment to using high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Wearing Falconeri helps you represent exquisite Italian elegance while at the same time guaranteeing maximum comfort at all times.

9. Parmigiani Fleurier

Parmigiani Fleurier is one of the brands across the whole luxury sector, along with others such as Vacheron Constantin, that represent understatement and further values that are in line with the old money aesthetic.

Michel Parmigiani, watchmaker and restorer founded PF in 1996 and achieved to build a brand that is not only considered luxury but also known for preserving its Swiss watchmaking techniques.

However, what is it that makes Parmigiani Fleurier so different from its competitors? It is the term contemporary, hand in hand with understatement and non-ostentation that Parmigiani Fleurier represents.

Guido Terreni, PF’s CEO takes us back to what the essence of true luxury is, reminding us to value simplicity in design, sophistication.

Michel Parmigiani’s expertise and craftsmanship combined with Guido Terreni’s vision of understatement gives PF the added value that is clearly represented in their latest collection.

“A New way of Being on Time”

Our favourite pick, 2023 World Premier Winner, the Tonda PF series, features a variety of refined and attractive models. These watches frequently have excellent craftsmanship, precise movements, and elegant designs.

10. Barbour – Back to Basics

Barbour’s Waxed Cotton Jackets are one of the most recognisable jackets for those in the know.

Heritage and tradition are two of the most important keywords you need to know if you’re into the old money aesthetic and Barbour represents exactly what you’re looking for.

A simple yet classic jacket that is associated with tradition, heritage and class.

This is a jacket that you would probably inherit from your grandfather from when he used to go hunting.

The activities that the jacket was and is associated with represent the slow luxury and understatement we seek in clothing.

It is clear that Barbour jackets have been worn throughout generations, originally with the intent of producing durable outerwear.

11. Ralph Lauren

We couldn’t write an article on old money aesthetics without including Ralph Lauren!

The iconic American fashion designer Ralph Lauren has come to represent a sophisticated style that is frequently connected to “old money” or East Coast sophistication.

The brand’s affinity for this look is demonstrated by its tasteful fusion of classic elegance, understated luxury, and a nod to traditional, aristocratic inspirations.

From linen shirts, to knit polos, to basic cotton t-shirts, no matter what you wear marked with the Ralph Lauren emblem will guarantee the old money aesthetic.

(We highly encourage the girls to drop the Zara trends and wear Polo shirts as well, they may look great on men, but they look bomb on us too!)

12. Acqua Di Parma

Let’s dive into yet another area of the old money aesthetic. Fragrances. A crucial component of the old money persona. Choosing your own scent can be difficult if you want to be different but still smell elegant and subtle.

We frequently encounter expensive perfume that falls short of expectations for quality. Opulent aromas are directly associated with ostentation, no matter what clothing you are wearing.

This is way you should consider investing in high quality perfumes that represent certain emotions, feelings, locations and experiences. These will constantly remind your peers of your discretion and education.

Here are our favourite Acqua di Parma scents that you will fall in love with for different occasions.

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