The Truth Behind The Black Cat Energy

Mastering The Black Cat Energy.

Prepare your red lipsticks and WhatsApp group with the girls.

Because we are about to discover the truth behind what’s being jumping around our TikTok feeds, Reddit Threads, and favorite blogs!

We are talking about the famous Black Cat Energy.

Uncover what it is, how it works, how to put it in practice, and strong opinions about this psychological fact.

Oh! And make sure you prepare yourself to be empowered. Because you will not be the same after this!

Red lipstick showcasing black cat energy.
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What is Black Cat Energy?

There are multiple ways to define this psychological trend.

But we could focus on what matters and straight to the point:

  • Being independent.
  • Focus on our well-being.
  • Care about our needs.
  • Treat yourself as a top priority. Example: Regular visits to the salon, and following skin-care routines.
  • Having the strongest intuition possible.
  • Back-off from places where we don’t belong.
  • Set relevant boundaries with others.
  • Matching our energy with a golden retriever energy.
  • Slow & Controlled women.
  • Being rational.
  • Being logical.
  • Improving the areas you know you don’t feel confident about.
  • Avoid talking behind people’s backs.
  • Focusing in competing with yourself instead against someone else’s unique lives.
  • Attending therapy to manage wellbeing.
  • Get to know yourself in a deeper level 24/7.
  • Focusing on what is in your control, and that only.
  • Spending time doing the things you truly love.
  • Treasuring your time.
  • Avoiding alcohol.

No worries! We will go step-by-step to know how to apply all of these personality facts about having a black cat energy as a girl, and more!

How can I apply This Vibe?

Now that we know what black cat energy means and how it looks like.

How can we actually apply all Cat Energy Related?

We know putting multiple words in a list is not enough to thrive in action just like that.

The reality is, that as much as we watch multiple videos on Social Media, or read tons of blogs about this topic.

It will never be enough, if we don’t really feel it in ourselves.

Or are caught up in situations we can’t manage at that specific moment.

And that’s ok!

We don’t know everything and accepting this, will help you feel confident about yourself.


That’s for sure!

Black Cat walking in the streets showcasing black cat energy.
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We can say, our focus should be on actionable suggestions to be like Cats:

  • Learn from your mistakes.

This sounds very harsh and it probably is. But if we really want to adopt this reality and being treated as we deserve.

We really need to start with ourselves.

Sometimes we will repeat our mistakes and that will be a part of the process of becoming our best versions.

But there are some other times where we really know where are we failing, but rely on excuses, external factors, or in temporary conveniences that only supports our setbacks and sabotage us.

Alcohol showcasing personality energy.
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“If you close your eyes to facts, you will learn through accidents.”

African Proverb

  • Focusing on what is in your control, and that only.

There are plenty of things that aren’t in your control.

As much as you keep fighting to make it happen the way you want.

And suffering for all that anxiety of not being able to solve the problem.

May be the reasons why makes us feel insecure.

This, plus probably among other negative causes…

The thing is, we have to develop an understanding of what we can control aside from what we definitely need to let go as it is!

By stopping the self-blame and asking for professional advice, we could be able to start navigating this common pattern we tend to have.

A woman feeling insecure. We need to become black cat energy girls.
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  • Hear music that empowers you & Makes you feel Happy.

Don’t get me wrong!

You don’t have to feel happy all the time to think you are doing everything ”right”.

And gain confidence.

But listening to music which you identify yourself with, and makes you explore your emotional world is what we are trying to uncover here.

Girls support girls book showcasing black cat energy girl.
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Say hello to Golden Retrievers & Boundaries!

You probably have heard about golden retriever energy.

But if you haven’t, then I’ll introduce you to your perfect and healthy combination with black cat energy!

Learn what it is, how to identify who this characteristic describes, and more.

Golden retriever energy.
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What is a golden retriever or golden retriever energy?

Of course the term comes from the beautiful and absolutely cute dogs.

Let’s say is ”stealing” their personality and being able to identify people who have those traits.

Such as:

  • Caring people.
  • People pleasers.
  • Sweet.
  • Energetic.
  • Supporters.
  • Loyal.
  • Excellent companions.
  • Attentive.
  • Affectionate.

Awesome right?

But… What does this has to do with black cat energy?

As opposites attract. These matching energies weren’t any different!

For every dominant, self-sufficient black cat. Is a caring golden that follows this leader around.

As a centered, empowered, controlled black cat energy that we will be spreading out with the world.

We will surely get the attention of someone who would probably need to be the affectionate and emotional of the relationship.

This doesn’t mean a black cat can’t have feelings or express them!

But an independent woman knows who would care for her deeply and with a profound meaning.

For her to open up to the fullest after getting to know this person better.

She knows her value and knows perfectly what makes her happy.

A hint on how to do it?

Every answer is within us.

Not outside!

Whatever you do. Will emanate confidence and independence!

Which leads to talk about setting boundaries.

And again, it all starts with ourselves:

  • Talking behind people’s backs says more about the person you are. Then the person you are trying to generate a gossip!
  • We have emotions. But both jealousy and envy are traits of a person who’s not connected with herself!
  • If your partner expresses disinterest. Don’t take it personally. Talk!! That didn’t work? Don’t hesitate to be the first to leave.
  • Learn to be on your own.
  • Learn to be with the right people. Yes, we are naturally built to be with communities! Discover your cohort!

Easy right?

Yeah, it definitely requires effort and time. But I’m sure there are many things we could improve and change today, right now!

No one is perfect. Keep going!

Closing our Black Cat Energy Curtains with a Thoughtful Conclusion:

Now we have learned what black cat energy and golden retriever energy means and how to put it in practice.

We have discussed how empowered we could feel and how ready we are to become a black cat!

A short controversial opinion?

Be you.

Discover yourself to the fullest.

You are your biggest investment!

But, be aware of some misleading content about this trend.

”Fake it until you make it”. Sounds like a fun thing to try but is far from practical.

And in my own unique opinion, is absolutely on the contrarian side of getting to know yourself better.

Please, stick always to yourself.

I already love you!

5 empowered women emanating black cat energy.
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