The Most Interesting Facts About Djerf Avenue

The renowned influencer Matilda Djerf, with 3 million followers on Instagram, 1.5 million on TikTok, and almost 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, founded her own clothing brand in 2019 alongside her boyfriend Rasmus, named “Djerf Avenue”.

Matilda Djerf at Djerf Avenue office.
Matilda at Djerf Avenue office. Photo credit: Djerf Avenue.
Rasmus and Matilda, co-founders, at Djerf Avenue office
Rasmus and Matilda at Djerf Avenue. Photo credit: Djerf Avenue.

Matilda is well-loved on social media for her authenticity, inspiring aesthetic outfits, and distinctive blonde hair reminiscent of a 90s movie.

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Born and raised in Sweden in a small town called Borås in 1997, she shares glimpses of her daily life and work through these platforms.

Matilda is an inspirational figure, not only showcasing the aesthetically pleasing aspects of her life and routine but also addressing mental health issues, body weight concerns, reminders of individual worth, and introducing her family, life partner Rasmus, and their adorable dog Rufus.

In an interview with Dear Media (@dearmedia) published on TikTok, Matilda revealed that she refrains from participating in the fashion world, particularly Fashion Weeks, despite numerous invitations.

She does only what she believes is good for her and chooses not to be in spaces where she doesn’t support what’s happening. Matilda advocates for a more inclusive fashion industry, a sentiment she feels is lacking in the current landscape.

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Matilda created Djerf Avenue with her followers in mind, affectionately referred to as “Angels” .

She confessed that her goal was to design timeless pieces easily combinable with anyone’s wardrobe, transcending fleeting fashion collections. To achieve this, Djerf Avenue crafts garments that accommodate various body types, heights, and weights, using neutral colors, classic silhouettes, comfortable fits, and high-quality materials.

When examining Djerf Avenue, Matilda’s style is clearly reflected in every piece and aesthetic.

Here are some interesting facts about the brand:

The origin of the name “Djerf Avenue”

Matilda confesses about the origin of the brand’s name: “Me and Rasmus, my partner and co-founder, were having breakfast at a café in Los Feliz, and I remember reading the word Avenue, and my mind started playing around with it. I said Djerf Avenue out loud, and we both looked at each other with excitement; we found our name”.

Photo of the brand´s pop up in NYC.
Photo credit: Djerf Avenue.

The chosen name seems to reflect everything related to the world of its young creator.

Revenue of the brand and theories about its success

The brand, which according to Vogue Scandinavia “challenges the status quo”, accrued profits of 35 million dollars in just 4 years.

Secret behind the success? Matilda’s and her brand’s follower community feels included and connected through Djerf Avenue’s designs.

The social media posts from both profiles (@MatildaDjerf and @DjerfAvenue) sharing everyday moments— as a cooking moment, a simple breakfast, or a city stroll—create a safe space.

This inclusivity, welcoming people of all backgrounds, body types, and ages, contributes to the brand’s increasing recognition and success.

One of Djerf Avenue’s key concepts: Inclusion

Model wearing unisex trousers.
Photo credit: Djerf Avenue.
Old couple wearing Djerf Avenue´s sweaters.
Credits: Djerf Avenue.
XL model wearing Djerf Avenue.
XL model wearing Djerf Avenue.

One of the most important features of Djerf Avenue is inclusion.

Matilda aimed for her entire community to feel included and represented in her clothing brand.

That’s why, in its latest releases, the brand included images of men wearing some of the clothes, making them unisex.

Additionally, recently on Instagram, they posted a photo of two older adults wearing the brand’s cardigans in different colors.

All clothes come in a wide range of sizes, and the chosen models vary in height, weight and gender.

This is highly commendable about the brand, and evidently something that the audience notices, setting Djerf Avenue apart from other brands and making it a success.

Transparency, Sustainability, and Circular Fashion

“What I wanted with Djerf Avenue was to give people classic and comfortable staples that they can wear again and again or style in multiple ways over years” Matilda affirmed to the The New York times.

Djerf Avenue doesn’t release collections with temporary clothes; instead, it operates by launching small drops throughout different seasons of the year.

The goal is to create timeless pieces that don’t follow trends and need to be discarded after.

Djerf´s brand defines itself as transparent and genuine, abstaining from retouching its photos, using no filters or cropping. It displays how each clothing item looks on the various bodies of its models.

The ethically produced brand, manufactured in Portugal, Italy, and Sweden, features a section on its website where you can buy and sell pre-owned clothing from the brand, aligning with the sustainable trend of circular fashion.

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Social awareness

Djerf Avenue is a brand that evidently possesses a strong social conscience, and this is part of its success, something that its community positively perceives.

The mentioned brand shared on its social media how its workers (Djerf team) spent an entire day handing out food and hot beverages during the cold winter in Stockholm, where the brand is based, and mentioned that they perform this kind service twice a year.

Aesthetic of the Brand’s Office

Let’s talk a bit about interior design, taking advantage of the fact that Djerf Avenue’s aesthetic is reflected in its beautiful and welcoming office.

Djerf Avenue´s office.
Photo credits: Djerf Avenue.

With a pronounced Scandinavian style, featuring whitewashed wooden floors, pale gray walls, and neutral designer furniture with a chic touch that seamlessly integrates into Djerf’s world, we can recognize how important it is to feel comfortable and reflected in the place where people works every day to pursue their dreams.

Matilda seems perfectly aware of this, as she has created an inspiring space for herself and her colleagues, reminding us that simplicity and functionality can still make a difference.

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Christmas collaboration with the icon Sofia Richie Grainge

The it girl Sofia Richie collaborated with Matilda to develop a line of pajamas within the Djerf Avenue brand.

Sofia is known for her elegant and understated fashion style, where she combines clothes from the most recognized luxury brands to inspire us with her flattering looks.

The collection was launched around Christmas 2023 and has been a sensation among the dedicated followers of both fashion influencers.

“This is the first collaboration Djerf Avenue has ever done with a profile and we are so happy that we are doing this together with Sofia” Djerf shared with Vogue Scandinavia.

Sofia Richie and Matilda Djerf wearing  Djerf Avenue´s pajamas.
Sofia and Matilda. Photo credit: Djerf Avenue.

Our 10 favorite pieces from Djerf Avenue

Introducing our 10 favorite pieces from the brand, which we consider essential for any wardrobe—easy to mix and match, neutral, and elegant.

1. Trench Coat Sand

Trench Coat Sand

This natural-colored oversized trench coat is easy to mix and match, waterproof, and its simple design makes it an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

You can pair it with a white or light blue shirt and jeans for a classic look.

You can acquire this piece here.

2. Favorite Pants Oat

This natural-colored dress pant is ideal for pairing with both classic and colorful shirts or those with interesting patterns.

It also pairs well with sneakers or elegant stilettos.

It is a must-have in any wardrobe

Acquire this piece here.

Favorite pants oat.

3. Remake Getaway Cardigan Cream

Cream cardigan.

The Remake Getaway Cardigan is a timeless classic.

With its front buttons, rounded neck, and long sleeves, it effortlessly enhances any outfit and is the perfect layering piece.

We also love to wear it on its own as a top.

You can acquire this piece here.

4. Relaxed Jeans Dark Blue

This Relaxed Jeans are mid-waisted, loose-fitted and unisex, and resembles the all time classic boyfriend style.

It is ideal to combine with elegant pieces, creating a semi-relaxed yet chic look that can be worn from day to night.

Find this piece here.

Unisex dark jeans.

5. Breezy Shirt Blue

Matilda in Breezy shirt.

This piece It’s a must-have item for every season. It’s easy, light and comfortable.

With this shirt, you can elevate any look, wearing it as seamlessly in the countryside or at the beach as in the office or for a night out.

Acquire this piece here.

6. Go To Pants Green – Tall

The green pants are a classic in unisex wardrobes, serving as the perfect foundation for a comfortable and stylish outfit to wear on a day-to-day basis.

You can acquire this piece here.

Unisex green pants.

7. Ready Set Go Cardigan Brown

Brown cardigan.

A cardigan is a must-have, whether for a cool summer night or to face the cold winter.

We believe this one is perfect to recommend, and easy to mix and match.

You can acquire this piece here.

8. Tube Dress Nougat

Comfortable, classic, neutral and chic, this dress is one of our favorites from the brand.

We believe it can pair perfectly with sneakers, tall boots, or elegant sandals.

You can also wear it during the day with the Breezy shirt open in white or blue.

You can acquire this piece here.

tube dress nougat.

9. Robe Summer Berries

Robe summer berries.

This cozy robe, featuring a fun and adorable pattern designed by Djerf Avenue, is ideal for snuggling up at home during a laid-back afternoon or in your moments of personal care, such as skincare routines.

You can also use it as a beach cover-up if you take a dip during the summer

Acquire this piece here.

10. Small Linen Towel Set Dream Cake

Djerf Avenue also offers home accessories such as sheets, towels, and cute-patterned dishcloths.

Explore Djerf’s home accessories here.

Djerf Avenue towel.

Matilda Djerf’s brand, Djerf Avenue, is one of our favorite industry brands. It stands out for its elegance, neutral tones, easy mix-and-match items, and timeless appeal.

What sets it apart is its social consciousness, emphasizing its community, known as “Angels” by Matilda.

The brand’s success extends beyond revenue to profound popularity. Djerf Avenue seamlessly integrates chic fashion with genuine social impact.

This fosters a community beyond fashion, providing a sense of belonging for its Angels. In addition to being a go-to for stylish essentials, Djerf Avenue symbolizes mindful fashion, where style and substance coexist harmoniously.