No Spend Challenge: Ideas & Actionable Tips

”The No-Spend Challenge” is a famous trend from TikTok that has brought us tremendous value the past couple years.

Learn the how-to guide to properly put this trend in practice.

The rules, best advices from powerful women that has recorded their experiences on TikTok, and way more!

This is your sign to re-plan your monthly expenses and keep investing the right way and perfect approach to become your best self.

Let’s save!

no-sped challenge. a woman buying groceries.

The Best Way to Accomplish The No-Spend Challenge

No-Spend Challenge isn’t just any challenge!

It obviously requires some kind of skill and self-control to actually benefit from the gratifying results this method can bring us.

Maybe this could sound weird. But the first thing we recommend you do, is watch tons of women practicing this challenge on TikTok!

Money and envelope showcasing the no-spend challenge trend from TikTok.


Not only this could be a great move to see how this trend has been put on practice. But is also an excellent opportunity to see threads on the topic.

Maybe the idea is awesome but you aren’t so sure how you could apply it in your specific requirements.

And is absolutely possible you will find loads of answers to your questions, and brilliant ideas from real people!

Don’t overthink it. Plan it and do it.

Taking action will prevent you from quitting your goal. That is why we recommend you to plan how you would like to practice it and start as it is!

You will find your way around the trend while you do it.

Because as we mentioned, this is a skill to be learned!!

Family picture and their dog being happy.

Take baby steps.

This isn’t the first time I recommend to take baby steps when incorporating a new habit or even new lifestyle.

Especially, if it’s a challenge.

The fact you decided to take full control of your life expenses means a lot. And huge progress towards your best life.

Doing The Thing.

How could you actually save the money?

Cut out the Starbucks coffees.

Make a list where you are honest with yourself and delete unimportant products when shopping for groceries.

Don’t eat outside. Cook at home! Is also a great chance to eat healthier.

Please, click here! There are some tips on how to eat healthy and on a budget!

You can also check this article. On what are the best foods to eat for a clean and beautiful skin!

Everything’s a win-win here you see? Enjoy!

Today is the perfect day to be happy calendar.

Nails and Haircuts can wait. I do my own nails, brows, and hairstyle.

I save a lot of money monthly, and I can style myself the exact way I want.

Don’t spend on clothes. At least, from a time-frame you planed for yourself!

Let’s be honest, this isn’t a priority!

Saving our liver – breaking up with alcohol consumption. Here’s a secret!

Life can absolutely change for the better when you quit drinking and spending good money on a really short-period pleasure.

No-Spend Challenge – Benefits & Possibilities

  • Paying the mortgage.
  • Saying bye-bye to debts.
  • Saving for what you really wanted to invest in, primarily.
  • Spending on well-deserved vacations.
  • Starting a business with a fair budget.
  • Making better decisions.
  • Build an emergency fund.
  • Support a family member.
  • Having a gratifying life with a more minimalistic approach.

The benefits are endless!

Calendar for budgeting.
thesundaysnug – Budget Calendar

Best Apps For Budgeting According To CNBC

While those services are paid, research shows they really help you accomplish your monthly budgeting goals!

  • You Need A Budget (YNAB).
  • Marcus by Goldman Sachs.
  • LendingClub High-Yield Savings.
  • Bilt Mastercard.
  • Blue Cash Preferred – Card From American Express.
no-sped challenge the sunday snug budgeting app guide.
thesundaysnug – Budgeting App Guide

But what about people like me, who could really need something 100% free of charge?

Here is a list of free basic plans for you!

  • Goodbudget.
  • EveryDollar.
  • Personal Capital/Empower Personal Dashboard.
  • PocketGuard.
  • Honeydue.
  • NerdWallet.
  • Cashinator.

No-Spend Challenge Pros & Cons

As with everything in life, all can have a ”dark side” if we think about it.

But we wanted to discuss the pros and cons about the no-spend challenge and set you up for success in the most realistic way we can!

A woman shocked by watching something in the computer.

No-Spend Challenge – Cons:

The all or nothing mentality will ”cost” you long-term. Especially, if it’s too drastic!

Do your best to find your perfect balance and make this suitable for you.

Revenge Spending and Rebound Effect from the no-spend challenge The Sunday Snug awareness graphic.
thesundaysnug – Cons

Maybe cutting on certain vegetables you never actually eat and start rot in the fridge until you have to throw them away, are a good idea to cut out for good.

But there are other important items you had to erase from your grocery list to meet another financial goal. And when that’s accomplished. It’s better to get back to normal if needed.

Be careful with the ”rebound effect”.

Or how most people call it ”Revenge Spending”.

It’s almost the same than the all or nothing mentality. But the difference is that people actually call it like this for a reason.

No-Spend Challenge – Pros

We already saw gratifying and quantifiable benefits about applying the No-Spend Challenge.

But let’s just incorporate a few more reasons to at least try this challenge to simply remind us of the excellent outcomes this could bring and don’t give up!

If done the right way, the self-improvement as a person would pay off.

Even if we are talking about money-money here.

Self-growth and looking forward to invest in our best selves is one of the most important aspects in our lives and we will gain so much power by learning this brilliant self-control skill!

Let’s invite you girls to check out our black cat energy article to learn some tips in self-control and support your no-spend challenge journey.

Changes our perspective, even insecurities, around money.

It doesn’t seem like it sometimes. But talking and discussing money matters tends to be a whole new topic.

And you aren’t alone. We get you.

Learning how to involve ourselves around money without fear and full accountability will bring excellent opportunities to take advantage and feel grateful.

The Sunday Snug graphic showcasing pros on the no-spend challenge.
thesundaysnug – Pros

But again, the pros and benefits from the no-spend challenge are endless!

No-Spend Challenge – Our Best Wishes And Energies From Us, To You

This may sound unattractive, but have fun with it!

Is a challenge full of opportunities and advantages.

Even a brilliant time to join a group of like-minded people trying to meet their budgeting goals just like you.

Now that you have a strong baseline on what it is, how does this work on practice, and have studied the best ways to actively implement it.

It’s time to do the thing and enjoy the process.

The gain is impressive and creates a powerful self-expression and self-reflection that I personally will never forget and actually absolutely appreciate in my future self.

Does that makes sense?

I hope it does!

And I also wish you enjoyed this article.

In The Sunday Snug we are already so proud of your next step and will be sending you the best vibes to win!!

Don’t forget to check out our articles and advices to become the best you.

Including our Pinterest account full of tips and recommendations in health, relationships, beauty, fashion, and much muuch more!

The best part?

It’s 100% no-spend challenge friendly and will support you by having a great time.

Thank you once more for being here.

And Happy Saving!